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Provide Training that Engages, Informs & Enhances Skills

PSN designs and develops corporate and organizational training and courses for delivery online, in a facilitator-led setting or for use as part of a blended solution.

Every organization has a unique set of objectives, requirements and constraints. Training delivery and its associated resources must capture and capitalize on the organization’s culture to produce results. PSN develops custom courseware to meet your unique training and development needs. We can also convert your existing instructor-led training, print-based, or CD-ROM courses for online delivery.

Working with your subject matter experts, PSN:

Training Content

• designs interactive, engaging courses and curriculum for use either online or in more traditional training settings. We can design courses that cover topics complex and technical, basic, and advanced.

• transforms traditional staff induction (new hire orientation/onboarding) activities into powerful resources for use online. This ensures consistency of presentation, accelerates delivery, reduces costs, and provides new hires with a positive and engaging first impression of your organization.

• Develops product and process training and its associated resources that will enhance staff performance and the ability to respond to customer needs and inquiries. Product and process training can range from linear fact presentations, to features and benefits, and scenario-based modules that enable learners to apply their knowledge and to problem solve.

PSN also develops a core set of materials from workbooks to guides and performance support tools to extend training benefits.

The Process

PSN provides the complete solution for custom training and courseware development. We analyze the needs and articulate the requirements, research and develop materials, create storyboards and courseware, as well as test and evaluate the final result.

Course design includes interactive simulations, case studies, or games with ample opportunity for online skills practice, testing, and feedback. In every case, we create a compelling learning experience that ensures your users receive the information they need to succeed.

The Results

• Quality content driven by your needs and training objectives.

• Sound instructional design and adult learning principles applied to ensure maximum learning potential.

• Industry and organization-specific scenarios and examples to ensure course content relevance.

• Interactive activities to stimulate interest and engagement.

• Testing, quizzes and other assessment tools to evaluate learning.