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What others have to say about our Coaching and Mentoring Capabilities


Lorna has been a mentor to both staff and board members, coaching us through countless professional challenges. Always thoughtful, she is unerring in her analysis of a situation. Her solutions are highly developed and innovative, and arise directly from senior management experience built during her accomplished business career. Lorna Rosenstein is a “passionate professional”; she has an ease about her, and cares deeply about issues and most importantly, those she works with.

- S. Colle, President & CEO, National Charitable Organization


Lorna Rosenstein is a very impressive personality, natural leader and wonderful corporate coach. Her years in senior executive positions have provided her with a wealth of experience in the analysis of business issues and the motivation of people. These skills, and her passion for helping, make you believe you can get one more impossible task done - and you do!

About seven years ago I was struggling, as a female technocrat, to deal with the financial, marketing and motivational tasks inherent in leading a 16 year old technology company. Lorna worked with me for about a year, meeting every 2-4 weeks in my office - talking, planning, probing,cajoling allowing me a safe space to discuss those issues that no one else really seems to understand, and giving me homework!

As we worked through issues, and established deliverables, my confidence, balance and vision began to return. An example of a concrete deliverable was the development of an interactive marketing plan that I still use successfully today. The other deliverables were less tangible, but no less important.

I continue to admire and respect for Lorna for all she has given to me, as well as to many other individuals. She is gifted as a mentor, and she is passionate about giving back to society and the individual. It has been a pleasure to work with Lorna. I recommend her without any hesitation.

-J. McDougall, President & CEO, Analytics Company


As someone who benefited from Lorna Rosenstein's mentoring, I can say unequivocally that she is a tremendous coach. I was a young, inexperienced entrepreneur attempting to commercialize a software invention when my association with Lorna began. She helped us with strategy, financing and marketing. I cannot tell you how reassuring it was to have access to a person so experienced in business--to sound out ideas, ask advice, or just get a little encouragement. In addition to her sage advice, she helped us greatly to advance our agenda, with the understanding, of course, that we would live up to her high standards of ethical behaviour.

Lorna's approach is all about being positive and it really rubs off. Lorna makes you believe more in yourself and your project because she really believes. Though many of her pearls of wisdom remain with me to this day, I think I learned most from her by watching the way she interacts with people. I have never seen anyone win a hostile room over so easily and with such a rare combination of business acumen, intellect and charm. There is so much to learn from her.

-T Bellman, Entrepreneur