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Build a Framework for Success

Have you identified and established organizational and accountability structures that will accelerate the rate of decision-making within your organization?

Is your board a strategic asset that is focused, knowledgeable, accountable and working as a team?

Are your board members actively engaged in furthering your goals or passively attending meetings?

Boards play a crucial role in the performance and success of companies. Good governance ensures objectives are realized, resources are well managed, and the interests of stakeholders are protected and reflected in key decisions.


PSN's Board Development And Governance Focus

PSN can help you build a solid governance foundation and enhance board effectiveness by:

Build a framework for success

• Helping you define/refine board structures;

• Clarifying boundaries between the board and management;

• Clarifying board member roles and responsibilities, job descriptions and appraisal methods;

• Defining needed board member competencies;

• Developing and revising recruitment and succession planning criteria; and

• Providing training to board and committee members

Board development and training programs often involve a combination of consultancy advice, executive coaching and facilitated board retreats.