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Improve Customer Experiences


Service Quality Gap Assessments

Superior customer service is dependent upon the quality and effectiveness of an organization's people, policies, processes and the product or service offered.

An objective review of an organization's overall customer-focused policies and operations can help identify outdated strategies, unrealized opportunities or areas that need fine-tuning. PSN's Service Quality Gap Assessments can help you pinpoint the differences between implied and specified customer requirements, as well as between your existing processes and expectations.

By knowing your customers better, PSN can help you deliver customer experiences that fullfill the promise of your brand, create trust and loyalty, and support profitable growth.

Differentiate yourself through superior customer service

Accessibility Audits

Touch points or moments of truth are the places where your organization interacts with customers. Effective and accessible touch points move customers closer to your organization. They open the door to greater customer satisfaction. Ineffective and inaccessible touch-points push customers away.

How can you enhance accessibility and usability of your goods and services to build sustaining and effective customer relations?

An accessibility audit examines processes, practices and procedures. It also examines documentation, facilities, signage and equipment at all major touch points in an organization. The audit identifies areas where customer access to, and use of, your services may be limited by unintended barriers.

Based upon the audit results, recommendations for adaption and improvement are presented, providing you with a blueprint for knowing where and how to focus efforts that will drive stronger customer relations.

Compliance Assessments

Are you prepared for compliance with the requirements of the new Customer Service Standard?

Policies,procedures and training are important elements of the new Customer Service Standard. Do yours meet the requirements?

PSN conducts focused gap assessments that examine cross-organizational customer service policies, practices and procedures and training processes.

We identify where changes and or additions will be required in order to meet compliance requirements. A final report provides an implementation and execution framework that can guide organizational directions and actions.

Understanding Customer Expectations

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