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AODA/Customer Service Standard
Template Package


AODA/ Customer Service Standard Template Package

PSN has developed a template package, specifically for the housing sector that can kick-start the policy development process. The templates and samples included in this package provide rental housing providers, condominium corporations, property management companies and other housing organizations with tools to help meet critical compliance requirements under the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07, (Customer Service Standard).

This package includes:

  • A sample General Accessible Customer Service Policy that can be customized and/or modified to meet your corporation’s specific needs. This policy addresses key areas required under the Standard;
  • A sample policy, and the associated responsibilities, practices and procedures relating to Service Animals;
  • A sample policy, and the associated responsibilities, practices and procedures relating to Support Persons;
  • A sample Notice of Temporary Disruptions in Service that includes all required information as specified in the Regulation;
  • A sample notice for residents apprising them about your organization’s feedback process, as mandated under the Regulation;
  • A Sample Customer Service Feedback Form for obtaining information on the accessibility of your services;
  • Checklists that highlight steps that can be taken to ensure the various policy, practice and procedure requirements under the Regulation are met;
  • Samples of Training Records that can be used to document your compliance with the training requirements under the Regulation;
  • A sample “Contractor Compliance Statement” that can be used or modified to help ensure your compliance with the requirement that your organization must ensure all third party contractors receive compliant training;
  • Samples of documents that can be provided to residents to request documentation in alternate formats or to request a copy of your accessibility policies.

These templates can be used as is, or customized and modified to meet the specific practices and preferences of an individual organization.

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